Dresdner Zwinger

Dresden, Germany

The secluded, quiet inner courtyard situation of the Zwinger with low ambient brightness in the evening hours requires a cautious approach to the planning of the exterior lighting. In regards to the high conservation value of the entire complex, an inconspicuous integration of the path and facade lighting in the Zwinger courtyard is to be realized.The unifying design idea is the duality between basic lighting as a two-dimensional brightening of the facade surfaces and the accent and path lighting with the existing candelabras. The aim is to give the building ensemble, even in darkness, an appearance appropriate to its cultural and historical significance. For reasons of monument protection, the fa├žade illumination with gobo projectors is exclusively from the positions of the already existing candelabras and their pedestals in the middle of the Zwinger Courtyard. Specially developed candelabra inserts with energy-efficient LED luminaires will be installed in the housings of the existing lanterns to meet the requirements for path lighting.

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