Frankfurter “Lichtgestöber”

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The Frankfurter Lichtgestöber is a modular and temporary lighting system for the Christmas season. In analogy to the snow flurry there are globes of different sizes and an irregularity in their distribution. This contributes to the playful character of this lighting. Different spatial situations can be individually designed. The Frankfurt light flurry can thus develop into a great idea with which the people living along the Zeil and the residents of Frankfurt can identify.
The primary construction of the lighting system consists of 44 steel cables that are strung across the street at a height of 15 m between the building facades. Between 10 and 15 modules with 3-6 globes of high-quality polycarbonate of various sizes are suspended from each cable. The effect of the flurry of light is created by the perspective effect of the cables one behind the other and the different sizes of the spheres. The cover of the spheres is clear and brilliant on the outside and matted on the inside, creating an effect of depth that makes the light source only dimly visible.
The spheres are equipped with dimmable LED illuminants (5V + PWM, 16-240 lumens, 0.5-5W per sphere). The light colour is warm white and can be adjusted on site. The globes can be controlled individually and are therefore dimmable individually or in groups. Thus, the installation can be fitted with various dynamic light scenes.


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