City Center Eisenhüttenstadt

Eisenhüttenstadt, Germany

The shopping centre on the outskirts of the city centre of Eisenhüttenstadt has an area of ca. 45,000m². In the course of renovation measures to redesign and renew the shopping centre, the existing lighting in the public areas was to be redesigned. However, the financial resources available for this measure were very limited.
The aim of the lighting concept was to supplement the very dominant horizontal orientation of the single-storey shopping streets with vertical elements articulated as fixed luminous points. These vertical elements accentuate the entrances and crossroads at the center and thus create a visual structure of the approximately 500 long shopping street. To save costs, existing pendant luminaires were removed from selected points in the mall, converted and repositioned as luminaire clusters at the central intersections and entrances of the mall. The pendant luminaires combined to form clusters were supplemented with UV-resistant sandblasted tubes of polycarbonate of different lengths.

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