Consecration Hall

Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

The consecration hall on the main cemetery in Freiburg is a central-plan building in the neo-renaissance style, built in 1899, as a domed structure over the ground plan of a Greek cross and is 33 m high. As a result of the damage caused by aerial bombs during the Second World War and a makeshift repair in the post-war years, the building was in urgent need of renovation. In the course of the renovation work, which was completed in 2014, the interior lighting was completely renewed. According to its typology, the consecration hall is a sacred building used by all religious communities for funeral ceremonies.
The lighting concept for the hall emphasizes the strong architectural character of this central-plan building with its imposant dome and at the same time supports the function of the building as a liturgical place and hall for concert events. Individual lighting scenes for day and night services allow the various events to be illuminated appropriately and dignified. The centered design of the hall creates a great architectural density. Building elements such as walls, columns and cornices make the central domed space appear to the observer to face the sky. In the daytime as well as in the evening hours, the luminance on the surfaces bordering the room increases towards the top, thus enhancing the impression of the spherical domed room. To emphasize the vertical, the dome and side walls of the hall are highlighted with narrow-beam linear LED luminaires. An indirect ceiling surface-mounted luminaire forms the crowning glory of the dome.
The central area of the hall with its temporary seating and the elements required for the liturgy, such as the cross or the coffin, are illuminated from the dome parapet.
For this purpose, adjustable LED spotlights with different beam characteristics are combined into groups of four LED spotlights each and aligned in such a way that they illuminate both the liturgical elements and the coffin, as well as ensuring uniform lighting for the participants of the service.
The illumination of the entrances to the hall is realized with suspended luminaires in the shape of a cross. These exposed luminaires take up the ground plan of the Greek cross and in their clear arrangement create a discreet and at the same time sublime atmosphere by accentuating the entrance areas of the hall.
To accentuate the lead glass windows of the hall on the ground floor, linear LED luminaires are integrated in the horizontal bases of the window frames, accentuating both the lead glass windows and the window reveal.

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