Fasanenstraße 87

Berlin, Germany

For the roads, paths and car parks on the extensive area of the Federal Institute for Real Estate Tasks (BImA), a new energetic renovation of the lighting system was planned to reduce energy consumption and improve the poor lighting situation.  LED pole-top and wall surface-mounted luminaires with the latest prism technology enable precise light directing onto the areas to be illuminated.
In addition to lighting the streets, car parks and paths, the entrances of the various buildings on the site were accentuated using light. One of the buildings of the Ensembles from 1905 is the ‘Cranzbau’, named after Prof. Carl Cranz, teacher at the Military Technical Academy to which Cranzbau belonged until the end of the Second World War. Due to its historical significance, the building is highlighted by the surrounding façade illumination. For the entrances of the building, lanterns were developed which corresponds to the baroque style of the façade. To emphasize the main entrance and the structure of the building’s façade facing Jebenstraße, the pilasters in the centre of the façade were accentuated by narrow-beam surface-mounted wall luminaires.

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