Hilton Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Surrounded by the motorway, airport access roads and ICE railway tracks, the floating futuristic form of ‘The Squaire’ evokes a fascinating astonishment in the viewer. The building houses two Hilton Hotels with a total of approx. 600 rooms. The interior design by JOI-Design reflects the dynamic outer shape of the building and creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, which promises the guest a quiet and pleasant place to relax.
A dynamic and at the same time inviting quality of lighting was crucial to emphasize the richness of the surface materials in the hotel’s rooms, while creating a warm and relaxing lighting atmosphere.
The wide range of materials and colours used for the interior decoration was accentuated with multiple luminaires to highlight the shapes and surfaces individually. The general lighting is provided by adjustable halogen spots, which creates warm white light accents on the polished stone floor. The light in combination with a variety of fine surface materials thus conjures up an unmistakable atmosphere in the hotel lobby and hotel rooms.

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