Lusail Marina District

Doha, Qatar

Doha, Qatar
Lusail is a new urban development plan in the northern region of Doha. It consists of several different districts. The marina district is a high-density development area consisting of residential, commercial and office, hotel, shopping and mixed-use zones along the waterfront, connected by open spaces; it is predominantly a high-rise area with open parks and private gardens leading to the waterfront.
The lighting master plan aims to define the standards best suited to green public areas. These recommended lighting levels also set out a proposed differentiation of atmospheric lighting qualities, with clear distinctions for different functions and uses. The lighting master plan should ensure that future users find it easy to find their way around and perceive the rooms at night; the lighting planned should also convey a sense of security and wellbeing. To this end, a uniform strategy for open spaces within the urban structure of Lusail’s Marina District is proposed. The objectives are to create a high quality of stay in the public spaces and to make them safe at night.



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