Frankfurt am Main,

The high-rise tower designed by Helmut Jahn in 1990 became one of the landmarks of the financial metropolis by virtue of its striking shape with the pyramid top. With a height of 257m, the 64 storey tower was the tallest building in Frankfurt for a long time. In 2019, the renovation of the building was planned by Helmut Jahn Architects in cooperation with Matteo Thun Architects. All public areas, especially the foyer, underground circulation and restaurants were to be re-designed. In the central foyer, the four large existing glass facades were renewed and moved outwards from the facade level. This created glazed conservatories on all sides of the building on the ground floor, and the total area of the foyer increased by approx. 70%. A backlit glass wall encloses the central rotunda of the lift lobby. This creates a luminous core in the centre of the building which provides a great depth (spatially) and turns the entire foyer into a visual focal point from the street space of Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage.
The re-design of the exterior lighting included retrofitting of the linear edge lighting of the tower pyramid with modern LED luminaires that continued on to the building façade. Linear marker luminaires mounted on the bay windows on every consecutive floor of the building, now accentuates the entire cubature of the tower at night.

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