Post Tower

Bonn, Germany

The central administration building of Europe’s largest logistics company, the Deutsche Post Tower in Bonn is a cornucopia of potentially record-breaking superlatives. Transparency is glamorized by color changing sequences for over 55,000m² of glazed façade. All workplaces receive indigenously designed artificial light that cater to human needs and feeling of well- being. Intelligent ‘light-architecture’ and not the luminaire design creates the atmosphere in the building, reducing the running costs by 40 percent. This groundbreaking, futuristic and flamboyant corporate lighting design concept uses colored light as a quintessential art installation that illuminates the entire building creating an ‘urban night-scenography.’

Architect Helmut Jahn’s holistic idea of letting light art, lighting design and architecture work as a whole, in relation to interior and exterior space, was to be implemented in the new Posttower in Bonn. The aim was to present light as a unifying element from the field of tension between transparency and reflection. The light transparency of the building envelope is continued inside. All materials and surfaces are penetrated by light. Glass ceilings and glass floors are backlit, as are the metal mesh walls. At night, the Post Tower becomes a transparent, light-flooded sculpture of steel and glass.



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