St. Marienkirche Berlin

St. Marienkirche one of the oldest churches in Berlin reopened the Turmhalle and the re-presentation of the medieval Totentanz fresco to the public after two years of renovation works.

The ambient lighting of the Turmhalle is achieved by wall mounted direct/indirect luminaires accomodating 8 adjustable projectors. The four wide angle indirect projectors illuminate the vaulted ceilings while the narrow direct projectors are dedicated for the illumination of the floor and selected vertical surfaces.

The illumination of the Totentanz is achieved by very small projectors integrated in the frame of the glass partition making the luminaires almost invisible to the visitors eyes. Track mounted projectors mounted on the spiral staircase carefully planned to be hidden to the visitors are illuminating the remaining wall of the Totentanz which is further away from the glass partition.

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