ThyssenKrupp Test Tower

Rottweil, Germany

The ” illuminated” landmark of Rottweil.
The new ThyssenKrupp test tower in Rottweil, with its spiral membrane facade screwing up against the sky, has become Rottweil’s new aesthetic landmark in a very short time. The lighting concept was a result of a series of investigations and light testing to ensure that the sculptural character of the convex-concave membrane facade designed by Jahn architects is also optimally visible at night. The consideration of environmental and nature conservation issues played a major role in the design. Requirements such as switching off the lighting at night and when visibility is less than one hundred metres were taken into account, as well as the limitation of luminance on the fa├žade and the use of high-performance LED spotlights with a low spill light component.
The lighting concept supports the idea of the tower as a lighthouse visible from afar in the innovation forge for elevator technology at thyssenkrupp. A total of 44 RGB power spotlights were used to illuminate the tower. These are arranged in the form of two circles at the base of the tower. 24 spotlights, equipped with “wide-optics”, form the inner circle which illuminates the lower part of the tower. Another 20 spotlights in “medium” optics illuminate the upper part of the tower facade. The selected spotlights and optics ensure that the tower is illuminated as efficiently as possible.

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