Werkbund Excibition 2015 ‘UNESCO – International year of light’

Berlin, Germany

As active members of the Werkbund Society Berlin, the partners of L-PLAN were invited to present selected lighting design projects in the Werkbundgalerie Berlin for the exhibition of the Werkbund 2015 on the ‘UNESCO – International Year of Light’. For this occasion we also developed a light installation that works with daylight and artificial light in the spaces of the gallery. Simple transparent polycarbonate tubes with transparent suction cups attached to the inside of the windows of the gallery, refract, diffuse and reflect the natural light. Depending on the angle of the sunlight and the amount of light, a constantly changing light image is created within the sculpture. In the evening and night hours, the installation is illuminated from within the gallery by ceiling spots on light tracks with narrow-beam coloured artificial light. The sculpture becomes a light object for the perception from outside. Refraction of the light within the installation and mirror effects of the light hitting the window pane gives the object made of the simplest industrial materials a spherical appearance and great depth effect.

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