Wetterfahne Garnisonkirche

Potsdam, Germany

For the temporary presentation of the weather vane of the Garrison Church in Potsdam, reconstructed true to the original, the architectural office Müller-Stüler und Höll developed a showcase made of galvanized steel girders with façade surfaces made of transparent stainless steel mesh. The observer can thus view the almost nine metre high gilded weather vane from close up and capture the high level of blacksmith’s art and the impressive dimensions of the former church building.
The aim of the lighting was to create a spatial effect in the showcase, in which the weather vane can come to the fore in a glare-free, high-contrast and brilliant way. For this purpose, the flag is evenly illuminated from below by linear LED lights. In addition, the individual elements of the vane are accentuated from above with a combination of narrow-beam and medium-beam spotlights.


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