World of Jewellery

Pforzheim, Germany

In summer 2005 the “Schmuckwelten – Pforzheim” was inaugurated. Located directly in the heart of the “Gold City”, which is the centre of the German jewellery industry since the historic times (80% of the German jewellery production is manufactured here). On an area of 3,500 square metres in the revitalized “Industriehaus”, the theme of jewellery and watches is impressively staged and presented to a broad and interested specialist public. The unique European display window for jewellery production is rounded off in a sophisticated way by the inspiring light art of Yann Kersalé with AIK – Expéditions Lumière. The lighting installation was designed as an innovative combination of fluorescent lamps and RGB LEDs. The colour depth and authenticity of the LEDs thus define a new, fascinating light space. The office tower of the Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw, a striking urban landmark in the cityscape, is exclusively lit by monochrome, dynamic white LEDs. The building is given a new and deeper meaning by the reference to the three rivers in the form of a moving and glittering water surface created by programming the LEDs.


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